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Poster: Tyler Date: Mar 29, 2006 2:42pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Wrong song titles. Tyler help

okay a few things:

1. the reason you shouldn't include the song name in the file name is for reasons like this. refrence / info text files are easy to change. Seed flac filenames are not.

"Can this be fixed by you guys or do I need to re-upload the flac files correctly labeled?"

The fastest method would be for you to upload the correct file set naming and use the import / update the show files link on the bottom left of the show's details page. it wouldn't take more then a few hours for a 4 song show like this. as far as it being public by sat night, I make no promises but that's not a bad estimate that it would be up before then. plus, you can still point fans to the show that is public. they can still hear the tunes, just the file names are a little off. in the meantime you can leave a review of the show to explain the right order of the files and the true file names, and / or edit the details page, all of these options are available and you can do them right now!

"What abouth the file options ? can this be done by me?" yes, if you click 'file options' on the show's page, just put the true title of the song to correstpond to each track / file. hit 'update' and it will reflect that change soon on the details page. You can edit the setlist field to show the right order by clicking [edit] at the top of the page and making it what you want.

good luck! next time just make the files like this:


With no song name. it helps keep errors to a minimum. users look at the .txt file to see whta the name of the song is that they are rocking to.